Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Retirement of the Sword

Hello seekers of knowledge, I hope today finds you well. I don't think it needs to be said that I have been away for quite awhile. I was going to make a post announcing that I was taking a hiatus but I never got around to it. My life at the time had become quite chaotic at the time and now it has come to this, my hiatus will unfortunately become permanent. 

I have had quite a few changes that happened in quick succession and although I am finally in a career that I truly enjoy, it is a career that not only demands more of my time but it also has me traveling a lot more. This combined with my other obligations means I have little time to enjoy this hobby. This is why I am leaving table top war gaming completely. I tried to fit in Infinity games along with painting my models but the stress that it took to fit this all in took away from the enjoyment of the hobby, and this wasn't even considering trying to maintain a blog about the hobby. Also, my free time is now taken up by making sure that I can see the friends and family I miss because of my job taking me away from home. 

This is a decision that didn't come lightly either. It came after a realization that my life style no longer provided me with the time to give to a demanding hobby like Infinity or any table top for that matter. I really did love this hobby, and the community which made this decision hard. I met a lot of great people during my time playing and I liked helping the community with this blog. It also sucks leaving with so many exciting things happening to Infinity. 

The hobby will always be here so I may find some time in the future to return but for now, the hiatus is becoming a retirement. I have enjoyed being the Sword of Haqqislam and I wish you all well. I know there are others in this community, especially those that play Haqqislam, who will more than fill in for my absence. As always, continue to seek knowledge, Mashallah. 


  1. Good job my friend! Hope to see you in Archane in the future

  2. Hello,

    First of all I want to thank you for this blog and mind blowing materials here!

    Second — your choices are yours alone, but please do not burn any bridges! Your story sounds very familiar. Some years ago I was in a similar situation an chose to save time by cutting my hobbies. It was later that I discovered that with hobbies a huge part of my happiness in life and energy vanished as well. That affected my job, relationships, my quality of life.

    So here I am now flying round the globe, working long hours, loving my family and enjoying Infinity as much as I can. Sometimes I play a game a month. Sometimes - two. But I love and enjoy every minute of it.

    Hope to see you in Human Sphere again someday :) Best of luck!